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Virginia - Pennsylvania boundary during the French and Indian War.

 When William Penn petitioned the King for his charter for the Colony of Pennsylvania in 1681, the western boundary was described as being “…on the west limited as Maryland is…”  Maryland was then limited by the extent of the Potomac River whose head spring was not finally settled until Lord Fairfax’s survey of 1736 and resurvey of 1748.  However, when Penn finally received his charter the bureacrats in London set the western boundary at five degrees of longitude west of the point where the east end of the southern boundary crosses the Delaware River.  This proved a serious problem for Pennsylvania.


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✎ Can I request something that's for you and a random mun? Can you draw a muse for any rpers you think are under appreciated in this state personifying project?


pinetreestateofmind's Maine.

It took me a while to answer this because I couldn’t figure out an answer to this. Like I really doubt there are people that are underappreciated in our rp group. Since we’re a tight knit crew; and there’s hardly negative vibes amongst us, nor is there a low supply of lovin people’s ocs. Since we’re really supportive of one another. Though I just decided to draw Alex’s maine, because he’s a cutie and I think I only like drew him once for her, lol.

But yeah she’s not underappreciated, for much of the reasons I said before. Really love her ocs and all the hard work she puts into them. Plus I have her to thank for helping me out with NY ;v;


Founding father, Gouverneur Morris, who represented Pennsylvania in the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and is credited with writing the preamble to the Constitution, died in 1816 from internal injuries sustained while trying to clean his urinary tract blockage with a whalebone inserted into his urethra.

He also had a peg-leg and loved to dance. It was rumored that he shattered his leg jumping out of a window to escape a jealous husband after a dalliance with a married woman. He told people it was a carriage accident.

Anonymous ━

Do you have a design for Harrisburg? I saw Philadelphia, Scranton, and many others, but not Harrisburg. :(


((Really old art, but yeah I do have a design. I just haven’t had a reason to draw her in like 2 years lol. Gonna have to get around to drawing an updated version of her soon-ish.

And Scranton doesn’t belong to me but ask-the-electric-city))

So I was scrolling through my Facebook and..




Can not be unseen.


"come out with me tonight"


"there is free food"



The overall composition of this scene was beautiful | Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.


Bake Oven Knob on Flickr.

If Every State Had an Official Dessert, What Would It Be? (Montana Gets S’mores.)


This is obviously very, very important to read. 


Yeah, so sometimes I host videos, too. Check this one out about south Bethlehem.