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You can’t spell Pennsylvania without ‘evil’


Pennsylvania is so beautiful.


Eyebrows so strong they bench press 350


Yellow Lady’s Slipper

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[Thank you so much Mika! I’ve got less time than I expected, but I’m gonna try and squeeze in as much as I can. This all looks so fun!]

((Again, you’re very welcome!! I hope you enjoy your time here in my fair homeland! Philadelphia is a very beautiful, but very underappreciated as a  city. It really is quite the gem between NYC and DC. But don’t let anyone else know about that, lol.))

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions | The Mann Center


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[So, I just learned that I'm gonna be driving up to the Northeast next week; I'm gonna be up there till pretty well into August, and was planning to spend at least a few days getting to know the area I'll be going to college in. I've been meaning to ask- what are some fun things to do in the Philly area? Anything from hiking to museums, from right in the city to a 3 hours drive.]


Sorry for the late reply, it all depends on what you like to do. Since there’s a mess of things to do, it’s just…if you narrowed it down to something that interests you, we’d really be cooking with gas then.

In Philadelphia alone, there’s a ton of things you can do. From the free festivals during the summer, to street festivals in the different neighborhoods, the night markets, anything you can ask for, it’s here. That’s why I say it’s really hard to just pick out one or two things to do. 

We do have parks, like Fairmount Park and it’s great trails, also you can go to Wissahickon, Valley Forge, etc. As for Museums, Philly answered a great question about them sometime ago. As for museums around the philadelphia area? I’ll list them by counties:

Chester County

  • Brandywine River Museum of Art
  • Brandywine Battlefield, you know the one from the Revolutionary War
  • Washington’s Headquarters, which is…well his headquarters when he was up that way.

Bucks County 

  • Pennsbury Manor, which was William Penn’s home when he wasn’t in Philadelphia. It’s really gorgeous.
  • Washington Crossing Historic Park, which was where—-you guessed it—-Washington crossed the Delaware into New Jersey. They have reenactments of that famous crossing every year.
  • Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle, which is a pretty interesting place, and the building is gorgeous.

I wanted to list some things in Montgomery County as well. But it has a lot of historical houses there and things of that nature. They have a zoo too, in Norristown. And if you like shopping, King of Prussia has the largest mall on the east coast located there.

Oh I forgot to mention Fort Mifflin and the American Swedish Historical Museum, no worries those are kinda in Philly. But yeah I don’t know what else to mention. Anyone else in or around Philadelphia care to add anything?


Forbes State Forest: Blue Hole, Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

Anonymous ━

PA is like that person that's good at everything. However he isn't a master of anything.

That…kinda sums it up nicely, anon. I did accomplish a lot of things in my lifetime; none of those things were in the same specific field. All something different. They don’t call me the state of firsts for nothing.

Though I suppose that’s a good and bad thing. Being good at a lot of things, but not at one specific thing. [rubs his chin in thought] But then it begs the question of, where’s the fun in being good at one thing?

More News on Green Spirit Farm's Vertical Farm in Pennsylvania. This time with audio!


Labels from bygone Pennsylvania breweries.  Amazingly, they’re from late 30’s through mid 50’s, though artwork appears modern.

((first thing I see when I log on is a comcast hate post. Y’all must be new, lol. It’s like Philly sold its soul to comcast, everyone hates it here, but it’s like the best deal to go with. So you have to go with comcast, it’s a damn if you do-damned if you don’t type deal. It’s like a Greek tragedy :’)

oh and Comcast’s USB drive that kisses the sky. Guess that’s the best part of the deal. Oh and wifi hotspots around the city.


Comcast runs us…./sigh ))

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