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commonwealthofpennsylvania replied to your post: Okay, so, I’m really confused.  G……

I saw that. I just don’t get why there’s conflict. Half of the internet says it’s Vermont, other resources say it’s Washington.

From what I understand, Vermont is a bit of an enigma when it comes to religion. They have tons of people that actually do attend church services, and many people that are practicing many different religions. However I think it boils down to organized religion v. spirituality. As the poll said, religion isn’t the most important thing to most people there. However, they may be spiritual, and some people view that differently than you know organized stuff. However spirituality doesn’t have a definite definition, but I’m using the one in the modern sense. It’s early history might have something to do with that too. Maybe, I dunno it’s too late to really ponder that.

Then you have the obvious of it being a pretty liberal state. The weird one in the New England bunch, the one known for the hippies. So that too might be it? A cultural thing? YEah I should stop rambling, really cutting into sleeping time here. xD;;;

Anonymous ━


((I have no idea what you’re talking about, anon.))

Oh lord I’m screaming. Thank you Mika-Sempai! ;w;

((Dawww you’re welcome!!))


welcome to pennsylvania

((Sorry that they’re traditional, I’m just really pressed for time when it comes to drawing. Here’s the requests from like a week ago.

Virginia for ask-the-old-dominion
Maryland for asktheoldlinestate
Blansch for ask-the-austrians
And I threw in my Wisconsin, because I needed to fill in the space.

Hope you guys like them. =A= ))


I am as we speak and Wilkes-Barry is making himself useful and is making a bread and milk run. I’m just…so done.


This winter needs to go away.

Yes, yous get the essentials to wait it out. *sighs* It’s so strange that snow is making its rounds again. Guess we haven’t saw the last of winter just yet. 

Just wait it out, I’m sure the snow won’t stick around too long?



Wait a minute…



I…don’t even know what to say, dear? Umm…heheh, dust off that winter coat?

susquehannagirl replied to your post: ((Since I haven’t seen one for us yet,…

What about Erie? Suggestion - a gif set of some of the college towns might be really scenic, take for instance, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania with Bucknell U., or Gettysburg. As you know Pennsylvania has a ton of universities. Enjoying your blog, thanks

((Shhooot, I knew it was one I forgot! Ooh I’ll keep that in mind! I know I really wouldn’t be able to get on that during the week, since I’m crunch for time. But yeah might work on something like that this weekend. Thank you so much for both the suggestions, support, and kind words! <3 ))


Ok, what the hell! It was 78 degrees and sunny - TWO DAYS AGO! Aaaaargh!

((Since I haven’t seen one for us yet, I wanted to make a photoset with Pennsylvanian major cities. Just got no clue where to start. I know Philly and Pittsburgh are major cities. But looking at wiki it only lists like four. But then this other site I was looking at lists like 10. Ugggghh =__= ))


Stabbing rampage: Students return to Pa. school for first time

(Photo courtesy Gracey Evans)

The Pittsburgh-area high school that became the scene of a horrific stabbing spree last week re-opened to students Tuesday morning for a walk-through ahead of the resumption of classes.

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What is gerrymandering?