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A view of the Pinnacle in Berks County, Pennsylvania.



Seriously, I just want November to get here. I’m tired of the ads, tired of the debates, and I just want actual work to get done. [groans while pinching the bridge of his nose.] Honestly, I don’t like either of these men. But I’m so goddarn done with Corbett.

"Ya ain’t kidding, I am sick of commercials to tell ya the truth. I had them for four years straight. FOUR YEARS. I don’t know if Burke is gonna be better or worse to tell ya the truth, but I am really tired of Walker’s lying…” 

Gabe crossed his arms, obviously a bit tipsy. 

"Four years!?" his pale blue eyes grow wide at that. "Just how much money do these people even have? That’s insane!" Now he feels ashamed for even complaining about his short stint of political commercials. It’s one thing to have to deal with them for a few months; but a whole four years?

"…how did you manage to survive that?"


the red door by moocatmoocat on Flickr.


There’s a lot to love about Lancaster county — not the least of which is great restaurants, microbreweries, a distillery, and our own coffee roasters. Got this in Central Market, and it’s the best cold brew this side of Portland. #lancastercountycoffeeroasters #lancastercounty #lancaster #pennsylvania #centralmarket


Skippack, PA


when xkit crashes and you’re forced to use regular tumblr



The NHL through the years, 1917 - 2014


End your days with Wawa. Thanks Casey H.

Snow delicately coats the tree branches lining Bushkill Creek at Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, Pennsylvania. (x)


BNY Mellon Green is a pocket park that serves as a downtown entrance to the towering BNY Center on Grant Street in Pittsburgh PA, one of the tallest buildings in that city’s skyline. The park is open to the public during daylight hours, and features a sculpture with a water fountain, well-tended flowers and landscaping, trees and trimmed lawns, and benches for seating.


Pennsylvania by KennardP on Flickr.


Our House in Camp Hill


Mr Rogers Facts.

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Have you ever seen the unusual crosses in Centralia PA?