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itsthesmallwonder replied to your post: 

Well if you’re ever curious, I could tell you. That or you could just do a simple google search. *laughs softly* I guess, I haven’t really been myself as of lately. I’ve been really sluggish and kinda irritable. I’m just not feel all too well…

A look of concern flashes across the state’s face. Not feeling all too well? Is he sick, is he hurt? He might really need some help. Keeping himself calm in the wake of this new information, Alex gives a small smile in return. “If you need me to come over there and be with you, I can do that.” He nods slowly while typing away on his keyboard, the soft glow of the computer illuminating his naturally pale skin.
"It’s late, but not that late. At this hour I-95 should be clear. I could be over there in less than an hour." he finishes off his sentence with a frown emoticon. "I just want to be sure that you’re alright and that everything is okay. Chatting isn’t enough when you know that I tend to worry a lot." He sits patiently, resting his hands on his lap; eyes glued to his computer screen as he anxiously awaits a reply.

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